Surfing with Huey

A lift the flap book for curious grommets.

For Huey you will travel and paddle and most certainly grow freckles.

Huey can be moody and brooding or a happy big chappy.

Few joys are greater (or saltier) than those sent by Huey.

But who is Huey?

He’s the surf god in the clouds, neither here, nor there… but he is everywhere.

Every page is a new day. How are you today Huey?

Whats inside? 7 days of the week! 7 lift the flap surprises!

“Kids love lift-the-flap books from around one year of age. They especially love that they can ‘control’ the reveal by lifting the flap for themselves: they can ‘share’ the reading experience with you, ‘showing’ you what’s under the flap and naming it for you. (This is also good for their fine motor skills.)” –

Behind the scenes

James Bourke has dabbled in blogging and has a degree in creative writing and journalism. James is covered in freckles and an uncle to two little surfing grommets. Surfing with Huey is his first children’s book and if it puts smiles on faces it has done its job.

Georgia Bourke is a kindergarten teacher at an international kindergarten in Japan. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication design and has been surfing since she was a grommet.

Gemma Vernet @disnotwork, is a Barcelona local with a bright, twisted and creative mind who specialises in photography, interactive design and as a multimedia teacher. She loves travelling, the surf, snow and music.

Illustrator and graphic artist Caro Gonzalez Pini is from Buenos Aires. Caro is all about the details and creating meaning through her art. With a degree in social communication, she is a self-taught designer and naturally gifted illustrator. Caro spends her time in Indonesia, a talented storyteller, carefree surfer and day-by-day cruiser. Caro has spent over a year crafting and creating the funny and loveable character Huey.

James, Georgia, Gemma and Caro are part of a collective of a crew who spend a lot of time at Merdeka House in Sumbawa. The first book, Surfing with Huey had help and inspiration from many creative and funny people. We call this group of people Cocotero Crew.

Hand made and printed

Surfing with Huey is printed in Java, Indonesia by an independent print shop connected with many talented and emerging young artists and art spaces.

Surfing with Huey is printed on thick, glossy pages; capturing children’s imaginations from start to finish.

It is a uniquely designed, hand stitched square book with a width of 150 mm, making it easy for children to hold and read.

Seven lift the flap pages enhance the reading experience with excited small hands being kept busy.

Surfing with Huey is limited edition and was first printed in 2017.


Drifter surf shop, cafe & gallery Uluwatu
Jl. Labuansait No.52,
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Drifter surf shop Seminyak
Jl. Oberoi 50 (Jl Kayu Aya),
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Merdeka House
Maluk, West Sumbawa
Nusa Tenggara Barat
Indonesia, 84491

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